Thursday December 14 , 2017
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Natural Stones

Use No abrasive cleaners including soft scrub.  Clean with mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water for every day type of use.

Hot pans can be placed on surface with no harm to tops.  Granite is very resistant to heat/be careful not to drag pan on granite.


Recommended use is a cutting board.  If you spill (ie. wine, oils, hot or cold liquids, etc.) blot up with a paper towel.  Granite is not stain or scratch proof, but is very resistant.

We have sealed your top at time of installation and recommend that you Re-seal your granite 1 or 2 times a year with a stone/cleaner/sealer.  Apply with a soft cloth (2 to 3 ft. areas) let dry and buff with cloth - A little goes a long way. This cleaner/sealer should last you for a few years of applications.

Remember your granite top is "one of a kind"- with a little basic care and maintenance, it will last forever.
Have a look at our Stones of Distinction - in most cases, we have ample supplies of these stones IN STOCK and ready for your project! 

Our product tiers provide many popular choices in any price range!

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Entry Level
Level I
Level II
Level III

Excel Granite - Exotics Collection

These stones are limited availability, but will make for a one of a kind creation that will set your home or office apart.  Be sure to discuss your project early with our staff so we are able to secure the appropriate slabs for your masterpiece!

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A good



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