Thursday December 14 , 2017
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               Booth 2430 (UpStairs)

2011 Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show

Buona Sera VesselsExcel Granite is now the exclusive distributor for Buona Sera Vessels...

In the spring of 1970, Karyn Bunting was traveling through Venice, Italy, when she toured her first glass blowing factory. She fell in love with the beauty of light passing through the radiating colors of glass and the skilled artisans in Italy. Trained as graphic designer, Karyn has been combining her passion for design with her artistic and artisan talents to create the Buona Sera Vessel collection. 

Each vessel is handcrafted and individually designed in her studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These vessels tell a story or arouses a euphoric emotion that leaves you awestruck. Her pieces are designed to be the focal point around which you can highlight your own personal tastes.  Custom made color sinks are also available - pricing based upon product requirements.  These can be purchased exclusively from Excel Glass and Granite.

Click the images below to view a small sampling of our Buona Sera Vessels: