Thursday December 14 , 2017
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The unique Concetto Collection is an exceptional assortment of inspiring surfaces that are hand-made from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones. A dramatic fusion of nature, technology and art, Concetto’s designs bring out the natural beauty of the semi-precious stones in order to create the ultimate luxury counters and countertop. Skillful engineering enhances the innate brilliance and colors of the stones through sensitive design that reinforces each individual stones’ natural hues and shades. Some of the semi-precious stones are amazingly translucent and can also be backlit for creating an added effect.

The Concetto surfaces represent top-quality, luxury countertops that need minimal maintenance and that are heat, stain and scratch resistant. Created with dimensions of 141.5 x 302 cm and a thickness of 25mm, each unique Concetto piece is made from an original semi-precious stone that serves to enhance its unique shadings and inherent patterns.

Designers and architects love working with Concetto surfaces which are ideal for diverse applications such as exclusive kitchen & bathroom surfaces, luxury countertops, lavish floors and walls, opulent furniture and vanities, as well as special features and more.

Click the image to go to CaesarStone Concetto Website for more info.

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